Thassos - Limenaria

The coastal road, after leaving behind the steep and verdant cape of Kefala, arrives in the picturesque bay of Trypiti where there is a beautiful beach with crystal clear water and fine sand, to reach Limenaria, along with continuous settlement Kalyvia, is the largest town of the island of Thassos, particularly tourism. The long coastal road in Limenaria there are many taverns, cafes, bars and shops that create a lively atmosphere. On the hill in the pines just above the harbor, dominate the palace built by the German company Speidel in 1903-1905, when the exploited mines in the region.
There are many hotels and boarding houses. The sandy beach and clear blue sea Limenaria is the attracts  tourists for swimming and water sports.

In the village can be seen the cave below the palace, the beach of mines with abandoned mines.
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